Image of THINGS FALL APART (Remixed)

This piece is the second version of the original Enstrumental “Things Fall Apart” shirt that was supposed to be released in 2013 …

In each of us, 2 natures are at war – the Good and the Evil … Unfortunately, the lines between these 2 humanistic elements have become increasingly blurry these days …

A confused and disorderly outlook on society has settled upon a plethora of the two-legged dwellers of the hemispheres, and they have become comfortable with the state of this “higgledy-piggledy” disposition.

When the malevolent and wicked acts of men are celebrated, and the noble and virtuous acts of men are marginalized within a fragile context, then the objective can become subjective to an ill-dated temperament; resulting in an awful plague to the mental and physical forces.

And that’s when …


[ watch yourself ]


Image of THINGS FALL APART (Remixed)